Moving Forward While Raising Grandchildren





I think one of the hardest aspects of raising children at an older age is decisions can be more complex. Ex. In these days we’d be an empty nester and could begin looking for a smaller home than the one we’ve raised children in. Instead while looking at smaller homes I’m still looking into finding another four bedroom. I’m also considering country living but so leery of the travel time just to the grocery store and school. It’s hard to change your ways and lifestyle after so many years even if you are an avid Amazon user and most everything you need is being shipped to your door. I almost feel obligated to stay in Texas due to the children and qualifying for tuition paid in full one day for any State school. (Housing and books not included.) I am thinking it could hinder their decision regarding going off to college if I leave Texas. Then you think maybe one day the colleges will be available online. I am determined to find a simpler life and move one day. We are only in the beginning. Just trying to come up with a plan that works for everyone. My husband is 59 which is another aspect to the equation. Time does creep up on you quickly and creating the dream is something that often grandparents raising grandchildren put off thinking about.