Off The Wall

When I write poetry it’s not necessarily pointed at a situation or any one person. It is written with meaningful words which have multiple feelings and they may shine in many ways while also taking many directions. Feelings are wisdom written with ‪#‎poetry‬ ‪#‎love‬ and ‪#‎realtalk‬. I hope you can enjoy. Life is always about taking a chance.

I’m mad
I’m glad
I’m happy
I’m sad
I think some things are over rated
I’m surprised
I get hypnotized
I feel compromised
She just lied
That felt as if I almost died
So simple
So complicated
I’m like a ball deflated waiting on the next bounce
A complicated house
To feel
To have felt
It’s like hearing a neighbor’s dog yelp
It’s an inside cry for honorable help
Lost within
Every other day is a win, win
Waiting for another new sunrise to begin
Again working for that satisfying win, win
A new day to begin
It takes guts to do it again

After all it’s really about loving them.

Written By ~ Barbara Bloom